2020/06/02 | Online | I.A.M.: What is urge surfing in IAM?

dinsdag 9 juni 2020
19:00 – 20:00 uur
€ ?,= …what this is worth to you

“Craving” is a feeling that that distinguishes addiction from “wanting to use” and it is sometimes not that easy to understand what urge surfing is and why you should try it.
I will present a 30 min talk about urge surfing and afterwards we can talk about the recognition of different waves, the importance being curious to those feelings instead of wanting to ‘fix’ them or prevent them all the time.

These free sessions are in English to reach a bigger audience.

These talks are for people having problems with ‘intake’ themselves, or the ones that love them.

Presentation: Hans
I’ll talk about the use of urges and about where they come from (for how can you manage feelings if you don’t know what feeling it is?)

Integrative Addiction Management
‘Management’ these days is: providing regulation, rules and not just ‘control’ or telling someone to stop doing what they are used to be doing…

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