Shoot for the moon


“I’d rather shoot for the moon
and miss
than shoot for
the dirt on the floor.”


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Live unfuckwithable


“Be fucking fearless.
Have a vision.
Stay hustling.
Keep your focus.
Get motivated.
Get shit done.
Live inspired.
Live unfuckwithable.”


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Predicting the future


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln

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Pride and Hope (happiness serie)

Motivation, Ideeën

“Happiness is being able to look back with pride and forward with hope.”

Joe Moore



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She took a deep breath and…


[…] she took a deep breath and then whispered “I can’t take anymore”

Unknown to me

Soms wachten mensen zo véél te lang met hulp zoeken…
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Depressie: als je hoopvoller bent over de dood


“Als je hoopvoller bent over de dood dan over het leven..”

Hans West

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